Merit Partners Team

Burt Strange
Founder & CEO

Burt has always had a passion for high performance cars, especially the German and Italian variety. He has years of industry experience serving as a driving instructor for Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP), Porsche Experience Center, Chin Motorsports, McLaren and Drivers Club at Road Atlanta (DCRA). He is a founding member at AMP and former owner of Velocity Motorsports, a supercar experience company. He founded Merit in 2014 with his business partner, Jonathan Hull. He has owned multiple Porsche GT cars and Ferrari’s and currently spends most of his free time hosting track events where he drives a GT3 Cup and GT4 Clubsport. His approach with clients is not simply buying a car but in selecting the right car for them based on a full understanding of their needs and desires.

“Great relationships are built around great experiences and I have had the privilege of doing what I love with this business for several years and making some life-long friendships in the process.”

Jonathan Hull

Jonathan, a native Atlantan, cultivated a passion and fascination for cars at a young age. He grew up restoring classic cars with his father and his first car was a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible 4-speed in Porsche Red. Jonathan has a Finance degree from the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business and is black-belt certified in Lean Six Sigma. In 2014, Jonathan partnered up with Burt Strange to form Merit Partners. He is passionate about driving his Carrera GT in the mountains, a dream car of his that now has 28k miles. After about 6 years in the high end car industry, Jonathan has developed a strong affinity for documenting and tracking all production data on the CGT, 918, and 911R’s. He also appreciates the role he plays as “trusted advisor” for his clients to assist them in finding that special car and is passionate about managing the process from start to finish. Jonathan’s interests outside of cars are his wife Lauren, their daughter, Chapel, and son Jonah. They live in the city of Atlanta and enjoy exercise and dining at local restaurants.

“My goal is cultivating deep, trusted relationships and sharing my passion with enthusiasts around sports cars.”

Michael Mills

Michael was 5 years old when he was bitten by the car bug. His uncle would let him shift gears while riding in his 1976 Camaro Z28. Ten years later he owned his own muscle car, a 1967 Camaro. He continued to share his passion for cars from that time forward.

Michael moved to GA in 1999 from Pennsylvania and started his career at Nissan for the next seven years before moving to Porsche. Michael gained even more experience at Porsche for 4 years before he started with Ferrari. Michael was at Ferrari for 12 years and has started a new journey with Merit Partners in 2022.
If you ask Michael what he enjoys most about sales after 23 years, his answer would be the people. Building relationships, making friends along the way and being part of their dreams from when they were 5 years old.

Evan Halliday

Evan is a native of Atlanta and acquired a passion for cars at an early age. His obsession began when he saw the McLaren F1 in Paris at 12 years old. Since then, he has always found a way to stay connected to cars. After graduating Clemson university in 2010, Evan began working for a technology start-up in Atlanta, GA. After two years working for some amazing entrepreneurs, Evan started his own company, Velocity Motorsports, in 2012. Velocity gave individuals the opportunity to drive some of the world’s best cars on Atlanta Motorsports Park. After selling the company in 2014, Evan began working and developing sales departments at multiple companies. In 2019 Evan joined the Merit Sales Team. His passion is to share his love of cars with others and put clients into the car that perfectly fits them

Phillip Gewin

Phillip has loved cars since he was a toddler. His passion grew from naming cars in parking lots in preschool, to memorizing specs from Road & Track in elementary school, and then to wrenching on and tracking his own cars. For most of his life, his friends and family also have relied on him for all forms of car advice.

Phillip has BSBA in Accounting from Samford University, a Master of Accountancy from The University of Alabama, and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant. After nearly a decade managing accounting & finance functions for real estate investment funds, he transitioned over to the automotive industry. He enjoys using his financial experience in an industry he loves, and forming relationships with clients and peers who share his passion.

Outside of work, Phillip loves to play guitar, travel, and stay active in his church. He grew up in Alabama and is a life-long Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Fortunately, he still is well accepted by his Georgia and Clemson alumni peers at Merit Partners.

Michael Roth

Michael, a third generation native Atlantan, was raised in a car-focused family. His father was involved in local motorsports and his love for cars was amplified by his exposure to the track at a young age.

At 22, Michael entered the automotive industry where he spent several years with Audi, then transitioned to overseeing the Ferrari of Atlanta workshop in 2014. Throughout his 8-year career at Ferrari, Michael took every opportunity to provide superior customer service and above-and-beyond solutions for each client. His focus on the end-of-end client experience, along with implementing better processes and new systems for the department led to great success. In 2018, Michael elevated Ferrari of Atlanta service from a reliable dealership workshop to the #1 Service Department in the World honored by Ferrari S.p.A..

While his passion started with cars, his desire to exceed client expectations and form meaningful relationships with clients, dealers, and vendors has made the most impact to his career.

Davis Brackett

Davis developed a passion for cars as a young child. In his spare time, he built model and remote-controlled cars with his father. He specifically remembers his father building a Porsche 930 Turbo model car and being completely mesmerized. After graduating from the University of West Georgia, Davis began working for a sports marketing and technology company in Atlanta, GA. After a few years in technology, Davis joined Mercedes-Benz USA HQ in Atlanta, GA where he held various roles spanning across digital marketing and advertising. In 2021 Davis published a coffee table book, titled Cars of 30A. The book was a passion project of his which highlights the car culture found along the gulf coast where he and his family enjoy vacationing. Davis joined the Merit Partners Sales Team in 2022 and looks forward to building quality relationships to understand his client’s needs and to match them with the perfect car.

Cody Barnes

Cody’s passion for cars can be traced back to the earliest days of his childhood. When thinking about his career, he knew it needed to involve cars. He started detailing cars in 2015 with Toyota where he began to hone his craft. After years at Toyota he moved to Porsche Experience Center where he entered the high end market. Today, Cody details some of the rarest and most valuable cars in the world. Cody continues to expand his skill set becoming an integral part of our paint protection film and fleet management programs.

Parth Desai

Parth was born in Toronto, Ontario and grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. His passion for cars began during early childhood when he received a 1/18 scale model Ford F-150 as a birthday gift. Whether it is an exotic car or a lifted pickup truck, his passion for vehicles and the culture around them has grown into what it is today. His career in automotive began early 2013 when he started working at United BMW as a sales concierge. He quickly progressed and transitioned to lead dealership photographer in less than one year. From there Parth moved on to the Social Media Coordinator and lead photographer at MotorCars of Atlanta, where he began crafting his skill and managed to create some very valuable relationships within the automotive industry. In August of 2021 Parth joined Merit Partners and is extremely grateful to be a part of such a great team! During his time away from work Parth enjoys photography, finding new and exciting places to eat, going to car shows, listening to country music and recently has developed an interest to learn a programming language called ‘Python’. He hopes to one day develop a mobile app for Merit Partners to help clients find their next car!

Vaughan Sheldon

As many members of our team, cars were a main staple of Vaughan’s childhood. Throughout his teen years, his father started a private dealership of his own. Through that, an attachment and awe for exotics and Porsche’s came to be. Learning to drive manual in a 997 Turbo Cab also had something to do with that! After attending the University of Colorado Boulder to study business, Vaughan had a successful stint in retail management. However, he always strived to be working around the cars, people, and community that he loved the most. He joined the Merit team in January 2022 and since then has been honing his skills in everything Detailing and warehouse management. In March 2022, he attended and completed the Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy and is currently working towards mastering paint corrections and ceramic coatings while being grateful to have found a work environment and team he is proud to be a part of!