Burt Strange
Founder & CEO

Burt has always had a passion for high performance cars, especially the German and Italian variety. He has years of industry experience serving as a driving instructor for Atlanta Motorsports Park (AMP), Porsche Experience Center, Chin Motorsports, McLaren and Drivers Club at Road Atlanta (DCRA). He is a founding member at AMP and former owner of Velocity Motorsports, a supercar experience company. He founded Merit in 2014 with his business partner, Jonathan Hull. He has owned multiple Porsche GT cars and Ferrari’s and currently spends most of his free time hosting track events where he drives a GT3 Cup and GT4 Clubsport. His approach with clients is not simply buying a car but in selecting the right car for them based on a full understanding of their needs and desires.

“Great relationships are built around great experiences and I have had the privilege of doing what I love with this business for several years and making some life-long friendships in the process.”

Jonathan Hull
Founder & Partner

Jonathan, a native Atlantan, cultivated a passion and fascination for cars at a young age. He grew up restoring classic cars with his father and his first car was a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible 4-speed in Porsche Red. Jonathan has a Finance degree from the University of Georgia’s Terry School of Business and is black-belt certified in Lean Six Sigma. In 2014, Jonathan partnered up with Burt Strange to form Merit Partners. He is passionate about driving his Carrera GT in the mountains, a dream car of his that now has 28k miles. After about 6 years in the high end car industry, Jonathan has developed a strong affinity for documenting and tracking all production data on the CGT, 918, and 911R’s. He also appreciates the role he plays as “trusted advisor” for his clients to assist them in finding that special car and is passionate about managing the process from start to finish. Jonathan’s interests outside of cars are his wife Lauren, their daughter, Chapel, and son Jonah. They live in the city of Atlanta and enjoy exercise and dining at local restaurants.

“My goal is cultivating deep, trusted relationships and sharing my passion with enthusiasts around sports cars.”